Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of agreement for use of International Triathlon Union images:

(1) To use the image(s) only once and for editorial use only. Later or different use constitutes reuse and is prohibited. Subsequent requests for permission to reuse images must be made in writing. A reuse fee may apply.

(2) At no time will the image(s) be used for commercial purposes such as: in an advert or commercial or to promote any product or service unless a prior agreed upon rate identified by ITU has been paid in full.

(3) To give proper credit for the image(s). Unless otherwise stated on the photographic copy, the credit line should read: photographer/triathlon.org. When the name of the photographer or collection is supplied, this should also be included in the credit. The placement of credit should be as follows:
(A) Printed material - Preferably the credit line should appear on the same page as the printed copy of the image and immediately adjacent to it. The credit may appear elsewhere in the publication if done in such a way that readers can quickly match individual images with their respective credit.
(B) Films, filmstrips, video, or electronic media - The credit line should appear on the film, filmstrip, video, or electronic media where other sources are listed. If manuals accompany films or filmstrips, the credit should appear where the subject of the illustration is discussed in the text.
(C) Public exhibitions - The credit should appear within the exhibit area.

(4) Not to provide the image(s) to a third party or sponsor without the prior written consent of the International Triathlon Union

(5) To assume all responsibility for questions of copyright and invasion of privacy that may arise in the copying and in the use of the image(s), and to assume responsibility for obtaining all necessary permissions pertaining to use.

(6) To defend and indemnify and save and hold harmless the International Triathlon Union, its Photographic Archives, its employees or designates, and the donors and former owners of Photographic Archives collections, from any and all costs, expense, damage and liability arising because of any claim whatsoever which may be presented by anyone for loss or damage or other relief occasioned or caused by the release of images to the undersigned applicant and their use in any manner, including inspection, publication, reproduction, duplication or printing by anyone for any purpose whatsoever.

(7) To supply the International Triathlon Union with one complimentary copy of any printed or published work in which one or more images appear.

(8) Not to permit others to reproduce the image(s); to destroy any digitized copies of images following their use.

(9) Not to place the image(s) in another institution, repository, or collection, public or private.

(10) That the International Triathlon Union in no way surrenders its own right to publish or otherwise use the image, or to grant permission for others to do so. That the International Triathlon Union reserves the right to make exceptions or additions to the conditions stated herein.

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