Marisol Casado and Thomas Bach inaugurate new home of World Triathlon in Lausanne

by on 04 Dec, 2023 02:06 • Español
Marisol Casado and Thomas Bach inaugurate new home of World Triathlon in Lausanne

The new headquarters of World Triathlon were formally opened on Monday morning in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne. IOC President Thomas Bach joined the World Triathlon President and IOC Member Marisol Casado, ASOIF President Francesco Ricci Bitti and Émilie Moeschler from the City of Lausanne to inaugurate the new premises, along with the World Triathlon Executive Board and guests.

“I was present at the very birth of the International Triathlon Union, all through its evolution and now in my last year as President of World Triathlon,” said Marisol Casado. “We have seen our sport grow and develop enormously whilst always keeping our core values of integrity and parity. Triathlon has of course become a central part of the Olympic Games since Sydney 2000 and more recently the Paralympic Games, and it was always my dream to be based here in the Olympic Capital. I want future generations to be able to enjoy it as well, and these new offices are a key part of my legacy as President.”

“I congratulate World Triathlon under the great leadership of Marisol Casado on this new headquarters,” said Thomas Bach, who made a presentation of a Beijing 2008 Olympic torch for President Casado’s office. “Knowing Marisol, this is more than an opening of an office, it is an expression of new ambition for World Triathlon. You always had ambitions and visions for the future of your sport and this will give the opportunity to make the vision a reality, one that will be rewarded in a few months’ time as triathlon plays a greater role than ever in the centre of the Olympic Games in Paris. Triathlon has grown into a truly universal sport, anchored in the Olympic Movement, thanks to World Triathlon’s work.”

“This a great step forward for your organisation, congratulations on the growth of the sport and the passion you show for one of the few multi-discipline sports in the Games,” said Francesco Ricci Bitti, adding; “this will be a great legacy and you should be proud of your work as a pioneer for gender equality.”

“I am happy to be able to convey the regards from the municipality of Lausanne on this sign of confidence in the city,” said Émilie Moeschler. “The Lausanne Triathlon is one of our most popular events and we have great memories of the 2019 Grand Final so we are proud that you have chosen here to base your headquarters and to shape international sport here. That is the spirit of the Lausanne Olympic Capital and the MSI.”

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